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December 2012....

Welcome to the first Ryu Ju Jutsu blog, it is anticipated that this will now replace our in-house newsletter; we will endeavour to e-mail our members and post the blog link on our Facebook pages after every blog update.

New Year training

2013 adult training starts this Wednesday 02 January!!

The key start dates for you are as follows:

19:30 Wed 02 Jan – Adult Jutsu at the China Fleet Club (£5 per session)
18:00 Mon 07 Jan – Junior Jutsu at the China Fleet Club
18:00 Tues 08 Jan – Junior Jutsu at Wembury Primary School
18:00 Wed 09 Jan – Junior Jutsu at the China Fleet Club


Training fees and membership prices remain the same for 2013 and are as follows:

Adult Jutsu £5 per session pay as you go;
Junior Jutsu fees are payable termly in advance, the Spring Term price (11 weeks) is £44 for 1 session per week or £66 for 2 sessions per week; and
Membership (adult and junior) is £20 per annum.

New things for 2013

Events of 2012 have led us to consider how we might improve some of what we do and the way that we do it so we plan to add the following:

  1. Instructor training courses– these will be open to those who hold the rank of sankyu or above;
  2. A new award for student of the year, one for junior and another for adult – details on the criteria and how and when these will be awarded to follow; and
  3. Is anyone interested in competition Ju Jutsu – if so juniors and adults make yourselves known to me.

A round-up of the last few weeks

So what's been going on? The last few weeks have been very, very the round-up of pre-Christmas events below:

The 3rd Billy Doak Memorial Seminar – 24 November at the China Fleet Club

The seminar started in the usual way with 2 minutes silence in memory of Billy, followed by a warm-up and session led by Barry Davies sensei who taught at an exceptionally fast seemed that technique followed technique at less than 10 minute intervals. There was a slight pause at half-time after which I'm sure that the frequency of techniques actually increased!! Despite this the seminar was enjoyed by all 38 participants and we raised enough money to send a cheque for £500 to Ty Bryngwyn Hospice, so a big thank-you to all those who braved the British winter conditions to attend and to Umberto for the loan of his Tamerton mats.

Please note that the 4th Billy Doak Memorial Seminar will be held 11:00 - 15:00 Saturday 23 November 2013 - so would everyone kindly reserve this date in their calendar and let's see if we can increase the attendance and raise even more money for the Ty Bryngwyn Hospice.

Christmas grading 2012 – Saturday 08 December

For the first time there were three sections to this grading resulting in nearly 50 ju jutsuka receiving an increase in grade; we were happy that there were no failures or deferrals, as I am sure were many parents just before Christmas!

Photos of the grading are here....

Ju Jutsu Demonstration Evening –Wednesday 12 December

This was a first for Ryu Ju Jutsu and by all accounts was a resounding success. There were demonstrations from each evening's junior class, the adults and by myself and Mark; the audience was asked to nominate their favourite Junior Jutsu display with the following results:

Gold - Tuesday evening (Wembury) organiser Will Renyard sempai
Silver - Wednesday evening (China Fleet) organiser Dave Thompson sempai
Bronze - Monday evening (China Fleet) organiser Joe Gooding  sempai

I also had the pleasure of awarding the following grades:

Nidan (second degree black belt) – Mark Pethick sensei
Shodan (first degree black belt) – Joe Gooding sempai and Dave Thompson sempai
Ikkyu (1st kyu brown belt) – Tahmores Moslempour (aka Muzzy)

Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the resulting glow from participants and spectators alike made all the hard work from the sensei and sempai very worthwhile. I asked for feedback and so far it has all been very positive so we will repeat the event most likely on an annual basis although never again at Christmas. The next date will be posted as soon as it’s been arranged.

Photos of the demonstration and grade awards are here....


Early December also found us in a position where a lot of our branding ideas were coming together and the Ju Jutsu Demonstration Evening gave us the perfect opportunity to formally launch the new Ryu Ju Jutsu website and leisure wear complete with our new logo.

I was completely over-whelmed by the fact that so many people ordered items on the spot….I believe that this is a testimony to the fact that we have got everything right.

Many thanks go to Simon Andrews for the logo, Jamie Marriott for the website, Jamie Sanderson for the leisure wear and to the many others who have contributed and supported us throughout the rebranding exercise especially Shirley Margison and Louise Higman.

Adult Christmas Dinner – Saturday 15 December

For the second year running this was held at Monty’s on the Barbican where the food was, as usual excellent, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The evening was rounded off by consuming several well-earned cocktails at the Treasury – a most excellent idea by Mr Veale.

Photos of our dinner are here....

Misogi – Wednesday 19 December

The adult year was nicely rounded off with some excellent training followed most importantly by the consumption of sake!

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